Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm still alive

Facebook me. Yes. I did just use that as a verb.

I'm living anti-socially in St. Albert, my job performance is on the down cycle, my flying isn't making any progress and the Stallions are 0-2 (they've never lost two games in a row, so this is really something.) I think I'm mere inches from striking my quarter-life crisis, so I'm trying to set some hard goals for myself with respect to aviation:

April 30, 2008: Multi-engine rating
September 30, 2008: Instrument rating
December 31, 2008: Commercial Pilot License
April 30, 2008: Instructor rating
August 27, 2014: A job that involves flying planes at a somewhat decent salary

I still have to fit commercial ground school in there somewhere, and that may be all but impossible given my shift schedule. I may be forced to retire from football after this season to accomodate it; a scenario I was hoping to avoid.

With housing prices the way they are, and with no relief in site, my exit strategy from my parents' basement is totally shot, and I've had to push the deadline back to January 1, 2010, if I don't get thrown out before then. That's a long time from now, but I may need that entire time to get my shit together financially.